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A walk in the park – The app will encourage visitors to the town to explore the rich local heritage the town has to offer. Left to right are app developer David Sim, Forres Events director Eddie Tomkinson, and volunteer Paul Johnson.

A WALKING app which will provide self-guided tours around Forres and will highlight its rich and colourful history is now available to download.

Organisers of the European Pipe Band Championships, Piping at Forres, commissioned the app to help people explore the heritage of the town and its people.

The free to download app has been launched in the run up to Piping At Forres which takes place on 24 June 2017, and which is celebrating the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017.

Joanna Taylor from Forres Events Limited, which organises the event now in its fifth year, said: “We are delighted this app is now live.

Buying Tramadol From Mexico, Order Tramadol From Mexico

“With an interactive map, both audio and written commentaries and great photographs, it provides a very easy to use piece of technology and includes a trail map which guides the user around the town highlighting key locations such as the Town Hall, Sueno’s Stone, the Falconer Museum, the Old Longview Hotel and the. Whether you are a visitor to the town or a local resident this will give you insights about the town that will fascinate you.”

She added: “If you complete the whole tour, it takes an hour and we hope that people who visit Piping At Forres will take the time to download it before coming to Forres.

“Then, as well as enjoying the Championships, they will also be able to take in the many other interesting landmarks that Forres has to offer. The aim of the app is to get people, whether they are locals or visitors, to enjoy moving around the town as they learn about the long and varied history of the town, its sites and colourful characters.

Long-term benefits for Forres

“Whilst the app is being created on behalf of Piping at Forres, it’s not just going to be available on one day, our intention is that it will keep delivering benefits for the town over time and can be added to and developed even further.”

The app was created by Moray-based software company Openbrolly. Director David Sim said: “Right from the start we’ve built something that is easy to use and easy to update in the future with new walks and updated information. It is an exciting opportunity to be able to work on an app alongside an event that will bring so many people to the town. The app will take visitors a little further afield into the town and allow discovery of what it has to offer.”

Paul Johnson, who volunteered to help research the information about Forres within the app for Piping At Forres, said: “Forres has a fascinating and long history. I am used to telling some of its story to our visitors at Carden Cottages but I have learnt a lot more about the area. I am sure the app will be of interest both to those who live locally and those who come to Piping At Forres as visitors from outside the area.”

This year, Piping At Forres, which is supported by EventScotland, part of VisitScotland’s Events Directorate will be held on Saturday, June 24 in Grant Park, Forres.

The event not only includes world class piping, Highland dancing and the World Tattie Scone Championships but also has a food and drink village, a craft and retail village, bars and family attractions such as funfairs and new to this year an interactive science tent.

Visitors can even try their hand at the pipes and drum themselves.

More than 100 pipe bands compete in the European Pipe Band Championships, in front of a crowd of thousands, making it the biggest ticketed one-day event in Moray. It has been awarded over 9 out of 10 in feedback each year, and in 2016 was again shortlisted for Best Event in the Highlands and Islands Tourism Awards.

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