World Tattie Scone Championships Application

What’s your secret ingredient?

Piping At Forres is not just about piping, drumming and dancing. The European Pipe Band Championships is also home to the World Tattie Scone Championship.

The aim of the competition is to make the world’s tastiest tattie scone using a set recipe with mashed potatoes provided by Albert Bartlett and Carr’s flour, plus your own magic ingredient which you need to bring with you (but not in a glass container as glass is not permitted in Grant Park and which may not be alcoholic).

The tastiest and imaginative scone will be chosen as the winner.

The winner will take home a trophy donated by competition organiser Elaine Sutherland of The Oakwood Cookery School, Elgin and will be given the accolade of World’s Tastiest Tattie Scone Maker 2018.

You can apply to enter the draw to take part in the World Tattie Scone Championships below. Those successful in gaining a place in the competition will be informed by email a week before the event.

It’s free to enter, but each entrant must be wearing a valid Piping At Forres wristband.

Good luck!