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There are a number of different grades of sponsorship of Piping At Forres 2018 available, with a range of different benefits to suit differing interests and budgets. Set out below are some details of the event and why your business could benefit from being a sponsor.

Piping At Forres, the European Pipe Band Championships, will take place in the stunning setting of Grant Park, Forres on the last Saturday in June, on  Saturday 30th June 2018. This will be the last time that the European Pipe Band Championships  Sponsorship will take place in Forres and it will be hosted elsewhere in 2019. It is therefore an exceptional opportunity to promote your business and be associated with an outstanding event.

The event, sponsored by Benromach Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, not only offers world-class piping but a range of other entertainment and over a hundred retail stalls. There are local producers showing why they have worldwide reputations for excellence by showcasing their food and drink, and a craft and retail village with many beautiful, locally made items.  Funfairs and beer tents add to the mix to make this a great day out for the whole family.

The event,  only “major” pipeband championships run in the Highlands, attracts thousands of pipers and drummers from far and wide, in over a hundred bands, as they compete to be European Champions in their grade. Drum Majors and Highland Dancers also compete in this event, run under the auspices of the Tramadol Purchase Online Uk (RSPBA).

An award-winning and successful event

Awarded over 9 out of 10 for overall enjoyment by visitors for each of the past five years, Piping At Forres is Moray’s largest one-day event, attracting thousands of people to Forres from outside the local area. The event has been one of four events shortlisted for Best Event at the Highlands and Islands Tourism Awards for each of the past three years and won the Community Tourism award for Moray Speyside in 2015.

Research shows a high level of engagement of supporters with the event, with, for the third year, the single biggest reason for attending in 2017 being the enjoyment of the previous year’s event. Social media, the press, and word of mouth were also key to attendance decisions. Strong community support, whether from piping enthusiasts or the local community, is embedded in the event, with thousands of hours being offered on a voluntary basis. Sponsorship of the event will allow your business to be a part of this engagement.

The organisers are very grateful for the support that has been granted to future events by Event Scotland and Highlands and Islands Enterprise and to all those who have sponsored and supported it thus far.

Why get involved as a sponsor?

Sponsorship offers you opportunities to be associated with a high-profile event with a successful track record; to increase awareness of your brand in a number of different ways and, potentially, to entertain some special guests in the Chieftain’s Marquee at one of the best and most popular events of the year.


Sponsors’ support of the event is acknowledged in a number of ways, including listing in the event programme and on the website. Ringside banners, logo displays on posters and online, free advertisements in the event programme and photo-opportunities linked to support of individual “items”, features, and prizes relating to the Championships are available in greater or lesser degree based on specific grades of sponsorship.

Sponsors are entitled to have their logo and level of support advertised on the website in a rolling display, which is a key source of information about the event.

Retail opportunity

Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsorship packages entitle the sponsor to a stall at the event free of charge, provided, of course, that all the necessary paperwork, including contractual matters, is completed satisfactorily by 31 March 2018. Additional space may be available by negotiation.


Sponsors may, depending on their grade of Sponsorship, invite guests to the Chieftain’s Marquee, with refreshments, including a hot, seated luncheon, during the day. The Chieftain’s Marquee, with a private viewing area, is situated beside the arena so as to give guests an excellent view of the day’s entertainment. Guests will also be able to use the VIP parking area.

Marketing of Piping At Forres

The event will be marketed to the public through the press and radio across the north of Scotland, as well as through an online campaign and on key event listings. Marketing to the piping community will focus on encouragement to bands to attend and online interactions.

A whole day’s entertainment for all the family

The piping competition starts at 10.00 and pipers and their supporters remain until after the prize giving which ends at about 18.00. The piping takes place across four arenas, with bands tuning up in other areas, so there is much to see. Highland Dancing takes place in a separate area.  The four large competing arenas mean that Sponsors’ banners have considerable exposure, and their stalls, if taken up as part of a Sponsor’s package, are an integral part of the day.

In planning the event we seek to repeat the successes of previous years, while keeping things fresh, and learning from the feedback we seek.  Responses to the question “What did you enjoy the most?” in the 2017 feedback survey included the following:

  • It is just a great event we have been coming since it started and it gets better every year, all the bands love coming here.
  • The entire day was brilliant, well set up, enough attractions for the whole family, also the organisation of the day was ticketyboo!
  • A great day. First time I have been and really enjoyed the stalls and watching the dancing and piping competitions.
  • The atmosphere and the mixture of ‘serious’ pipe band competitors and those that were there to enjoy the ‘buzz’ of the event.
  • Great to have an event like this in Forres and lots of visitors to the area.A good crowd overall


We hope, of course, that our previous Sponsors will continue to support the event and that new ones will join us at this significant regional showcase, Moray’s biggest one-day event, promoting the area and generating an important level of economic benefit both in the lead up to the event and on the day itself.

Contact us

To discuss your Sponsorship package please contact Joanna Taylor on Tramadol Onlineand 07764 338630 or Moira Hickey on Buy Generic Tramadol Online and 07563181286

Further details for each type of sponsorship are set out  in the Ordering Tramadol Online Uk.

The Sponsorship Agreement Standard Conditions that form part of the contract between sponsors and Forres Events Ltd are available Cheapest Tramadol Uk while any specific terms will be based on the following: Online Tramadol Cod.

A downloadable version of the information above is available  – Order Tramadol Overnight Uk