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As thousands of people came to enjoy Piping At Forres over its six year run between 2013 and 2018, we were delighted to offer numerous opportunities for local businesses and organisations to demonstrate their excellence in food, drink, craft and other produce to both local and international visitors – in the form of sponsorship.

Buying Tramadol Online Illegal, Buying Tramadol Uk

We were very grateful to all our sponsors and funders for their support, without which Piping At Forres would not have been possible. A list of the sponsors, funders and supporters is available Tramadol Purchase Online Uk

The event was run on a not for profit basis and the financial and other support of our sponsors and supporters made a vital contribution to the event.

Traders and other exhibitors

Photos © 2017 GnBri Photography

We were delighted to have had a good mix of traders throughout the six years. Each year we showcased over 100 stalls. A list of 2018 stallholders is available Tramadol Online.


Piping At Forres was run by Forres Events Limited, which is a not for profit organisation. The costs of running the event were significant and despite the generosity of our sponsors it was not feasible to offer discounted prices for stalls to all charities. However, each year, the directors nominated six charities to receive a stall free of charge.

Forres Events Limited is pleased to have been able to help a number of local and national charities in this way, including:  2wit2woo Owl Rescue; Cantraybridge, CLAN Cancer Support; Elgin Youth Development Group, Erskine,  The Falconer Museum, Findhorn  and Nairn Fisheries Trust, Forres Community Woodland Trust, Forres Soccer 7s, Help for Heroes;  Keith Kilt and Textile Centre, Knockando Woollen Mill,  Moray Inshore Rescue Organisation, Morayvia, Moray Gaelic Group, Moray Sports Foundation, Poppy Scotland, Riding for the Disabled, Royal Air Force Association, Scottish Wildlife Trust and Speyfest.

Lists of sponsors and stallholders

Lists of sponsors and stallholders for 2018 are available below:

Buy Generic Tramadol Online

Ordering Tramadol Online Uk

We are very grateful to Sponsors and Stallholders for their support in previous years; as listed below.


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