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Piping At Forres, the European Pipe Band Championships, was recognised as a award winning event.  It was named as the winner of the Community Tourism Award on 4th November 2015, an award sponsored by Moray Economic Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.
It was also one of four events in the shortlist for the Best Cultural Event or Festival in the Highland and Islands Tourism Awards 2016, and was awarded a Judges Commendation as well as being in the shortlist in the same awards in 2015.

HITA FinaIist 2016
HITA finaIist 2015Speaking in 2015, Mark Laing, the Patron of the Championships said:  “Piping At Forres is a great event that offers a wonderful day of music and spectacle as well as showcasing local food, drink and craft and I know that behind the scenes there is a lot of hard work by a wonderful group of volunteers.  Their enthusiasm and professionalism helps make the event such a success. Recognition of their efforts in this way is well deserved and will,  I am sure, encourage them as they work towards the next three years’ events”.

Supported by Event Scotland and with a number of local  businesses acting as sponsors, Piping At Forres was run on a not for profit basis to the benefit of the local area.