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Piping At Forres was not just about piping,  it also included the World Tattie Scone Championships, where budding chefs, and others, battled it out to make the tastiest Tattie Scone.

The World Tattie Scone Championships simply required the contestants to make a tattie scone using a set recipe with mashed potatoes and flour plus their own ‘magic’ ingredient with the tastiest and most imaginative scone winning a trophy donated by the host, the Oakwood Cookery School, Elgin.

The recipe and principal ingredients were provided by sponsors Albert Bartlett and Carr’s flour but contestants were invited to bring their own special ingredient.

In 2018, the Tastiest Tattie Scone title went to Lara and her 4-year-old daughter Arianne who assisted. Their tattie scone consisted of halloumi, aubergine, lemon, honey with a thyme dressing.

The 2017 World Tattie Scone Championship was won by Christine De Agostini, with  Marie Middleton in second place.

In 2016, Nichola Smith from Elgin with her Heart of Courage scone with fruits of Moray as her special ingredient. scooped the title whilst the 2015 champion was Sam May of RAF Catering Corps, Lossiemouth.

The winner in 2014 was Mary Greer from Forres garden centre Mackenzie & Cruikshank who won the title with her first ever tattie scone entitled Rabbie, with haggis and neeps as her secret ingredient.

In 2013, retired Forres businessman, Lee Bell won with ‘Babe in the Park’ using pancetta.