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Volunteers were key to the success of Piping At Forres, with hundreds of people supporting the event over its six year run. 

Following Piping At Forres 2018, hundreds of volunteers who gave their support to the event were thanked at a special party held in their honour.

Over 400 volunteers were invited to the event which featured performances from local youth singing group Rising Stars who performed a number of songs including a specially commissioned number called Flowers of Forres.

The celebration of the volunteers had a youth theme as Piping At Forres 2018 celebrated Scotland’s Year of Young People.

Joanna Taylor, a director with Forres Events Limited said: “This seemed such a great way to finish off what has been a tremendous six years for the town of Forres. It was important to the organising committee, who are all volunteers themselves, to give something back to all those who have supported Piping At Forres. The event simply would not have worked in the wonderful way that it has for the past six years were it not for the dedication of the volunteers.”

The Rising Stars sang a specially composed song t0 thank the volunteers

Each year around 120 volunteers helped to support Piping At Forres.

Sandra MacIver, Piping At Forres’ Volunteer co-ordinator said: “There are so many reasons volunteers were critical to the success of Piping At Forres. For a start they all chose to be there, there was nobody there because it was their job.”

Sandra was  involved with Piping At Forres from the beginning: “I was invited to take on the role of volunteer co-ordinator and after meeting Gordon Bruce, who was the event manager for the first three years, I was very comfortable that he and the five directors, would create a first class event which would put Forres to the forefront of many people’s minds.

“Each year, we had about 120 different people volunteering. Some did all six years and some only helped us for one year, but each and every one has been necessary.”

Volunteers took on various roles including interacting with the visitors, selling programmes and helping keep Grant Park looking its best.