FAQ Disability


Q             Is there Disabled Parking and do I need to apply for a pass?

A            There will be disabled parking close to Grant Park, beside the competitors’ bus park. No reservations are required and it will operate on a first come, first served, basis. To assist the volunteers directing traffic please ensure that your Blue Badge, or its international equivalent, is clearly on display.  Space is limited and so we advise anyone who can do so to use the Park and Ride facility.  The buses are wheelchair-accessible and drop passengers at the Victoria Road pedestrian entrance to Grant Park.  It will also be possible to drop off people with limited mobility at the South Street entrance to the park but there will be no parking there and we recommend the use of the Park and Ride site 10 minutes away.

Q             I have limited mobility, can I park on Grant Park?

A            There will be disabled parking close to the Park. For safety reasons there will be no permitted disabled parking on the Park itself. Please see below for the policy on mobility scooters.

Q             Are the disabled toilets large enough for wheel chair access, or will there be toilet facilities available for wheelchair access?

A             Yes, there will be disabled toilets that are suitable for use by people in wheelchairs. These will be clearly signed on the maps of the park.

Q            May I use a mobility scooter in Grant Park?

A           The Grant Park is not designed to accommodate Mobility Scooters. Areas of the Park, combined with the nature of an open air event held on unpaved ground mean that there are areas of the Park which are not suitable for such vehicles. Drivers of such vehicles must operate their vehicles at their own risk and responsibility.

However, to facilitate access to Piping At Forres 2018 to persons who are dependent upon such mechanical assistance, Forres Events Limited has made arrangements to give access to the users of such vehicles, on the following conditions:

  • Drivers of Mobility Scooters acknowledge that the deployment of their vehicles requires care and consideration for other persons visiting the Park, and they will ensure that the safety and comfort of such visitors are not impaired by their Mobility Scooter usage
  • Mobility Scooters will be operated on the obvious pathways within the Park, and will not be deployed by their users in areas of uneven or sloping ground
  • Mobility Scooters may occupy the designated priority areas set aside for such vehicles, namely  the Disabled Parking area, under the trees, off South Street, the “Disabled Viewing Areas” designated adjacent to the Grade 3 and Grade 2 arenas, to the North of the “chain”, which are accessible from the avenue which divides the South side of the Park and the Piping Championship arenas from the Food and Drink village.

Information:  Persons with mobility difficulties who wish to gain access by Class 1 vehicles (wheelchairs) to less accessible areas of the Park are encouraged to take advantage of the concessionary ticketing terms available to enable Carers to enter the Park free of charge.